26 May 2022

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2 metre social-distancing is just fine, isn’t it?
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2 metre social-distancing is just fine, isn’t it?

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Meetings of any length in groups is really a no-no, even outside

The temperature is rising, possibly literally, as the number of new Covid-19 cases rises sharply and the government is clearly getting worried, very worried indeed in fact. And all of this comes at the time when children are going back to school – something regarded as an absolute necessity if we to avoid a generation of children coming out of school under-educated.

There are new reports appearing all the time but one highly detailed report appears in the British Medical Journal. In fairness it is not “easy reading” at all, being highly technical but for those who have the time and energy, it can be found here:

In essence the whole question of social-distancing is being reviewed and it becomes clear that the question of one metre or two metres or anything at all is all rather “rule of thumb”. Certainly the further away you are from an infected person, the less chance you will have of catching it but whether you are inside or outside does not have quite the clear distinction which you may have thought. And if you are outside in a moving air current, being up- or down-wind can make all the difference because of the way the virus travels on droplets.

The report contains a table, something vaguely similar to one we found for you a month or so ago. This particular table explores the likelihood of getting infected by tabulating it into three risk categories, low, high and very high and is replicated here in this article.

Your best way forward is simply to study it and make up your own mind.

Taking the BMJ article and this table together makes startling reading and shows that safety cannot be taken for granted. Talking too much, singing or any activity which involves more breathing can assist in transmission. Face coverings are suggested to be really important in reducing the spread of the disease.

As the new wave comes people really do need to take care where they are going, with whom they are going to spend their time and if in any doubt at all, avoid enclosed spaces with a lot of people, even if you are well distanced. As the table shows, it just may not be enough.

Adrian Leopard 08-09-20

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