26 May 2022

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A little reminder – eat out to help out
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A little reminder – eat out to help out

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Nice weather coming up – a great opportunity to take advantage of the government scheme for contributing to your meals

Tomorrow Monday 10th sees the second “batch” of days when you can get a helping hand with your dinner costs from the Chancellor of the Exchequer. This is his scheme “eat out to help out” where he will contribute 50% of your food and soft drinks costs up to £10 per person.

Last week saw the first three days of this promotion and it proved to be a great success with restaurants and pubs across the country participating and in many cases filling up with happy guests.

Like all schemes there have been some criticisms but these have been relatively few and far between and coupled with the reduction in VAT on food is enabling the hospitality industry to deliver great value and help itself remain on the rails.

There is a question mark at the end of the line, however. When the scheme ends at the end of August, what will venues do with what they may well consider to be a surfeit of staff? This will depend very much on the public and whether they have got their confidence back and are content to resume outside dining. Of course what must be borne in mind is that with social-distancing, venues have had to reduce their available table space quite significantly so “being full” will not be as difficult as it used to be when such requirements did not exist. This all suggests that dining out could be pretty safe if the rules are followed properly.

To find out what establishments near you are open for business with this promotion, check the government website. So a few points to ensure that your visits are successful, check the website first so that you know the scheme is being used. Secondly, having chosen your preferred venue, check them out on the internet to get their telephone number and then telephone to see if a booking is required or whether it is first come first served. In some places, without a booking you may be unlucky. Others are not taking bookings at all so you need to check this.

And above all, if you do book and find you cannot go for any reason, please take the time and trouble to cancel your booking so that someone else can benefit. Restaurants just cannot afford to have empty tables at this time, especially if walk-ins are being turned away for lack of space.

You can access the government booking site here:

Happy eating!

Adrian Leopard 09-08-20

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