26 May 2022

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Another week – another rise in new cases
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Another week – another rise in new cases

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The trend is upwards at the moment, subtle but discernible

Normally after the weekend the record of new cases is lower, reflecting the fact that apparently not all cases get into the system as quickly.

Not so this week – the new cases recorded yesterday amounted to 26662 in the UK and today’s figure is shown at 28438 on the government official website.

Looking at the various statistics covering the past week, they have suddenly all gone into the red. New cases are up on the past seven days by 4.8% at 203604. Deaths have sadly also increased by 1.6% at 624 and the number of patients admitted to hospital has increased by 2.1% to 5476.

Unfortunately now that restrictions have been lifted by the government, it has sent the wrong message, namely that it is all over bar the shouting and there is no need to be careful any more. This is absolutely the wrong message to take and if anyone needs to be convinced then go to the government website and take a look at the maps. You can enter your own postcode and see which bracket your area falls into. You may be very shocked. You can find the interactive maps here:

The writers have helpfully given the number of cases per 100000 and have also colour coded them for ease of spotting if it is a good area or not. These figures are updated every day and the changes in colour alone can prove quite startling – a lot more purple which is BAD.

Take look and think about where you plan to go over the next week and perhaps consider changing your mind. The government is providing you with the tools to make up your own mind but it looks like most people are just ignoring the facts, one of which is that people are dying of covid still even after being double vaccinated.

Sorry about the bad news but here is a pretty picture of a stunning location – probably no covid there!

Adrian Leopard 16-08-21

Photo Alex Gruber

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