19 May 2022

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As vaccinations increase areas of risk become clearer
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As vaccinations increase areas of risk become clearer

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Vigilance still the order of the day; it’s still far from safe out there

The Health Secretary effectively dropped a bombshell today when he told the nation that the people currently going into hospital with the Indian variant were basically those who had been offered but had refused a vaccination.

So now it is starting to become clear where the risk will continue to exist within the country – those people who will not be vaccinated – for whatever reason. Of course it was not stated by the minister who these people are but given their geographical location and the news we receive generally about vaccination-aversion, it is likely that they are members of an ethnic minority.

They say you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Indeed if people do not want to help themselves, that indeed is their affair but the problem is that in maintaining their personal position they are prejudicing the lives of everyone else.

With the next stage of lifting of restrictions coming into force tomorrow, there is a heightening sense of concern that we will shortly be heading back into a third wave. The Indian variant having got into the country, it looks like gaining ground and it is probably too late to try and stop it now but we could reduce the incidence of infection generally but not if large swathes of the population are going to cock a snook at the vaccination programme. Perhaps the government should come clean. They tell us what percentage of the population have now been offered their jabs but what they are more cagey about is what percentage of them are not taking them up and, in particular, who. Surely as a society we have a right to know this information?

The interview with the Health Secretary was also clear that with 97% of the population being protected by the vaccination, it still leaves 3% who are not who could go on to suffer serious illness and die or possibly be left with post covid syndrome. That is in addition to those who do not take up the vaccination at all. Indeed the Health Secretary says be careful!

So all ready for going back to the pub and restaurant? They are waiting for you! All with tables socially distanced of course! Please take care.

Adrian Leopard 16-05-21

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