26 May 2022

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Austria to go back into full lockdown
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Austria to go back into full lockdown

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Europe as a whole looks like heading for more restrictions. Will Britain follow?

As the roll of new cases in the UK goes up Austria has announced that it is going back into full lockdown with effect from 22nd November.

This is a big shock and means that the somewhat discriminatory rules that the unvaccinated must stay at home have been fairly short lived. This lockdown is set to last for a maximum of 20 days. Of much greater significance, however, is the fact that vaccination will become compulsory from 1st February 2022. This is regarded as a controversial step but the government’s rationale is because one in three persons is not yet vaccinated, a very low ratio in Europe.

Germany too is beginning to react against the high incidence of new cases and in Bavaria a de facto lockdown is coming into effect. Bars and clubs will close for three weeks and all Christmas markets have been cancelled as well.

Increased restrictions are gradually taking place in other countries as well, like Netherlands, Hungary and Belgium. In all probability these will not be the last.

And here in the UK, the daily total today is down slightly on yesterday but still over 40,000 at 44,242, raising the seven day rollover figure to 281,128, now heading for the 300,000 figure again at speed. This represents a 13.1% increase in new cases. At 157 new deaths, the seven day rate clings on to the positive showing an overall reduction to 1,038 or 4.8%. New patients number 827 bringing the seven day rollover to 6,183, again a reduction of 4.5%. However these figures are levelling off while new cases increase.

The UK vaccination rate is of interest too. First doses for the past day amount to 28,880, second doses 20,650 whilst boosters are romping forward at 387,057 which means that 14,266,368 individuals have now had three jabs and 88.2% of the population have had at least one dose. Mind you it does not seem to have stemmed the huge rise in new cases.

Still if you have to go into isolation in Austria, perhaps the nice chalet featured in our photo of the day would be good. No covid there!

Adrian Leopard     19-11-21

Photo Else-Marie de Leuw

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