19 May 2022

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Brilliant! Covid passport now available on line
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Brilliant! Covid passport now available on line

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The best way of showing we are likely to be clear of covid-19 is to show our covid vaccination certificate – now available

What a bit of luck people are allowed to change their minds! From saying some months ago that the government had no intention of providing any form of covid passport, now they have.

Hats off to the NHS who have included this function in the NHS app as was first announced in Parliament yesterday by the Health Secretary. We must be clear – we are talking about the NHS app, not the NHS covid-19 app. There is no doubt that this could cause some confusion. The covid-19 app is all about track and trace whilst the NHS app gives the user full access to his medical records and even enables him to order repeat prescriptions via his mobile phone.

This is a major step forward. It takes about 15 minutes to download the app and install your details and you will need your NHS number for it to go smoothly but once installed and verified, it does open up your medical life to you.

As you go into the app your vaccination record is the first item which appears. Follow the various links and you will see your personal QR code come up and then the list of vaccinations you have had for covid. It is brilliant! You can also download it to pdf on your phone and even better still for those who find faffing with phones in public a bit of a problem, you can get an e mail which then gives you a link so that you can download the certificate direct to your computer in pdf format.

It’s all there except your photograph! So anyone checking your certificate will need to verify you are the person stated on the certificate but that should not cause any real difficulty.

So from a position of “we have no intention of doing this”, we have actually got it in a real secure and user-friendly format. The certificate has an expiry date about five weeks ahead but presumably if you need to update it, just go into the app again.

This certification can of course be used anywhere so it is not going to be restricted to travel. Operators in all sorts of areas are bound to jump on to the bandwagon here and specify this documentation as a normal requirement to be able to use their facilities and this could well include pubs and restaurants. It is also a perfect opportunity for private clubs and associations to get their members to provide a copy of their vaccination certificate for club records so that clubs too can be sure that all of their members are protected in the best possible way.

There has been and continues to be criticism of the way the government has handled some matters in relation to coronavirus, usually being blamed for acting too late like letting Indians in when the disease was so rife. However, as regards the vaccination programme and now the certification of it, we can have nothing but praise.

The NHS app, rather as it sounds, is for people registered with the NHS. This will produce the interesting anomaly that illegal immigrants will not be able to produce a certificate even if they have slipped through the net and managed to get a vaccination. People seem to have widely varying views on illegal immigrants but it may well be that this particular feature of our lives will be one of the first in a more modern but more tightly regulated society which will start to flush out people whose presence is not regular.

After all this may not be the only pandemic we have to face.

All in all though, certainly thank you NHS for your certificate!

Adrian Leopard 18-05-21

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