19 May 2022

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Compulsory vaccinations are here – they were bound to come sooner or later
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Compulsory vaccinations are here – they were bound to come sooner or later

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To ensure your future freedom, double vax is absolutely essential

The big question will be is this government policy the tip of the iceberg or is this going to be the full extent of the requirement?

The news which has emerged that workers in care homes must be vaccinated followed by news that there is to be an announcement this week that front line workers in the NHS are also likely to have to be vaccinated is a big change in policy. The policy of course makes perfect sense. The authorities are under a duty to ensure the best possible protection of the public against infection and within the health service the infection is likely to be ever present so it is really a no-brainer that workers must be clear of the disease.

However, as may be expected not everyone is pleased because apparently the number of anti-vaxxers in the NHS is quite high. Some of those who do not wish to be vaccinated fear for other health conditions arising. Government health advisers say that their fears are unfounded.

So how is the dilemma to be resolved? Who should win this tug of war - patients who are entitled to believe that the maximum possible steps have been taken to ensure the transmission of the disease is contained, or those who consider their freedoms are being eroded and, ipso facto, feel they should be free to infect others if they choose to do so?

This is an issue which is going to expand. The vast majority of the country are happy with vaccination and are having their jabs. More to the point, people are already clamouring to see the end of the lockdown and are wanting to know what reward they are going to get for having their jabs and co-operating with government advice. This in fact is where the argument will eventually boil over because the double-vaccinated will be saying in essence they are safe enough as long as they remain in reasonably protected environments. This will spread throughout society – it is easy to see that the public will want covid-free restaurants and pubs, small shops in particular where social distancing is a challenge will want to welcome vaccinated people only.

And it is happening already – try and book a cruise with Saga, for example. They will take your booking but on arrival at the cruise ship they will not take you if you cannot prove your double-vax. Furthermore there are far more susceptible businesses than cruise ships – entertainment parks, theatres, night clubs, private organisations where close contact is inevitable.

After fifteen months of variable lockdowns, people want their freedom back and those that stand in their way unreasonably are going to be seen as the enemy. But businesses must be free to say “no” to people who might potentially be a-symptomatic carriers of the disease because when new variants arrive, the vaccines may not be as helpful as they have proved so far. And we know that they are not 100% effective as it is.

By deciding that care workers must be vaccinated the government thereby opens to door to others to copy their example.

Adrian Leopard 16-06-21

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