19 May 2022

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Courtesy Nigel Farage we are reminded that asylum seekers continue to make illegal landings in Britain and the government does what?
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Courtesy Nigel Farage we are reminded that asylum seekers continue to make illegal landings in Britain and the government does what?

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It’s a lovely time of the year for a trip across the English Channel in a nice rubber boat, especially if you know that if there is any difficulty a nice Royal Navy ship will make every effort to come and save you and help you on your way

One thing is certain – probably Nigel Farage will never give up showing us how asylum seekers continue to arrive.

And what does the government do? Well assist them! Thousands of these people continue to arrive and nothing but nothing appears to be done about it.

They get picked up by the Royal Navy and brought to shore; they are checked out medically; they get covid-19 vaccinations in priority to bona fide UK citizens; they get into smart coaches and are bussed to 4 star hotels where they reside courtesy of the Home Office and tax payer and they even get pocket money to spend on fags. Then also they get housing when our people sleep on the streets.

Well, as long as this VIP treatment continues so will the arrival of the asylum seekers.

Recently we heard the government say that they were going to process these individuals out of the country, perhaps in another country or on a cruise ship. The cruise ship idea is one we have reported on previously and it makes a lot of sense. The requirement is to change the law so that asylum seekers can be processed ONLY on a ship or in another country. Anyone arriving in the country as they do now would be automatically denied the right to even apply in the future.

Then you could get rid of the smugglers and arrange to pick these people up in Calais. The money they would pay towards their dangerous trip in a rubber dinghy is instead paid to HM Government for their transport to the cruise ship – a place of safety. There they reside until their application is processed and agreed or rejected. They could even earn their keep whilst in this place of safety, either working on the ship itself or in a range of occupations which could be fixed up for them on a temporary basis so that they truly earn their keep. In addition you would soon find out what sort of characters these people have because they could be monitored and this would help in the vetting procedure.

Indeed here is the chance to train prospective new arrivals to do jobs, especially in the hospitality industry.

And let’s go and find the ones who are already here – give them an amnesty – they can have the choice to go off to the cruise or anywhere else in the world they want.

Is this just fantasy? Well no, it could in fact work. It would provide a properly regulated system of asylum vetting, ensure that the asylum seekers remain safe, ensure that the people of the UK remain safe and generally keep control, something which does not happen at the moment.

Alongside this it is time now to introduce the biometric identity card which every citizen should carry. Yes in the past it has been regarded as a dreadful infringement of our liberty but what is liberty when we cannot control individuals who build bombs and kill and maim, who sponge off our benefits system when they are not entitled to while our own citizens are queuing up at food banks?

The Home Secretary needs to start to take control and get on with the job. Britain is over-heated as it is with people – unfortunately it has all got out of kilter because our people do not want to do the jobs we have available. Today we hear that in addition to the hospitality industry being short of workers, we are short of tens of thousands of lorry drivers. How is that possible? When we left the EU did no one actually think about and plan for the foreigners who would go home?

The country needs re-balancing. God alone knows how long that will take.

What a mess!

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