26 May 2022

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Covid-19 comes at a price – why can’t people see that?
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Covid-19 comes at a price – why can’t people see that?

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Jetting off to foreign climes? Well you will just have to accept that there are health costs associated with this

As the days go by we see complaint after complaint about the effects of the virus on our society – as if it was someone’s fault.

Today we are seeing airlines and holiday companies bleating about the fact that people going abroad on holidays are going to have to have expensive tests on their return to see if they have the virus. They say this is divisive.

There is no doubt that it is very unfortunate that we have the problems of covid-19 but surely the health of the country and its people is paramount so if the government determines that it is necessary to have covid tests to be able to take holidays, then that is quite simply an unfortunate cost of the pandemic. It is open to people to decide whether to take foreign holidays or not and it is already the case that more wealthy people can take more expensive holidays – that will never change.

However there remains the option of staycation and as things stand, no tests are going to be required for that.

In the meanwhile we have the question of covid passports moving forward apace now. It is amazing how the official attitude has changed so much over recent weeks and now having a covid passport to go into a pub is not actually being ruled out in the summer. We have to accept there will always be people who have not been vaccinated for one reason or another. Surely the answer is to create two types of premises – a covid-safe premises and one which is not.

For the covid-safe premises I would suggest that admission is open to persons who have been vaccinated at least once, preferably twice and who can prove this. Once inside such matters as social distancing can be scrapped completely.

The non-safe premises will be open to anyone but such issues as social distancing and face masks will still be a part of the requirements.

Operators of businesses will be permitted to have the option of which type of premises to run.

The question has not yet been asked so far as I know – if all the people in a particular venue have been vaccinated either once or twice and the requisite period has passed, is there any risk or significant risk of covid-19 passing amongst them and someone taking it out of the venue? If the scientific / medical answer to the question is that there is no significant risk, then surely the principle is simply not contestable? We should get on and do it.

If an airline can refuse boarding to a passenger without a covid passport then the same right should be accorded to the proprietor of a pub or hotel.

As is being said to us ad nauseam whilst the vaccination programme is clearly helping enormously it is only a part of the solution to leaving the crisis behind us. Continuing caution and observance of the rules will be needed for a long time to come.

So it is unfortunate for those who cannot be vaccinated but covid-19 is a fact of life and people have the right to be protected from it. It cannot be correct to say that to treat someone who cannot be vaccinated differently is divisive; it is simply an unpleasant fact of the nature of the disease.

So if you still want to go for a foreign holiday understand that you are doing it in the knowledge that you will have to meet extra costs arising out of covid-19 if you want to get on that aeroplane.

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