26 May 2022

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Covid passports – beginning to gain momentum internationally
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Covid passports – beginning to gain momentum internationally

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As always governments are completely unprepared for something which surely was as obvious as the day is long?

The way discussions are moving forward around the world for a covid passport are beginning to get very interesting.

The worry is that Britain is going to find itself getting left behind which is illogical given the fact the UK is so far ahead of everyone else other than Israel when it comes to vaccinations. What is clear is that the EU is now intent on developing its vaccination certificate to enable free travel across the 27 countries and that means if we want to go to a European holiday destination we are going to have to have something compatible.

Surprisingly Estonia is one of the world’s most advanced digital societies and plans to develop a digital certificate based on a Q code by the end of April. That also means that Estonia will be ready to join the EU scheme from day 1.

There is a very full article on the BBC website about this subject and this can be seen here:

Whilst all of this is fine and dandy, the truth is that we have known that one day we would be needing to relax restrictions and provide some sort of certificate of safety so why on earth has all of this been left so late? Why were plans for writing software and whatever was necessary not put in hand a year ago? Once again here is the world fire-fighting to keep up with keeping its citizens safe. It’s no good saying “oh well we didn’t know when it would start to change”. We knew that vaccines were on the way last spring so couldn’t governments the world over have put some thought into how the system would work long long ago? Even discussions over what level of security would be required could have taken place.

Looking at the numbers again, this problem is not going to go away. Whilst the level of deaths in the UK has now fallen more or less consistently to double figures, the rate of new cases has stopped dropping and if anything is going back up. This would be in line with a number of factors like the re-opening of schools and the fact the new case rates across Europe are beginning to get seriously high again. What we know is that on Monday 29th March, restrictions are being lifted and people can again meet outdoors subject to limits and observance of the rule of six. This is not going to help in reducing the number of new cases and moreover this coming month the delivery of new vaccinations is going to be well down as a large swathe of the population come up for their second doses after waiting twelve weeks since their first.

So a period of some turmoil is going to ensue and all the existing arguments about how we see the future will continue to be discussed. Watch the numbers. In the meanwhile spring has definitely arrived – enjoy the flowers.

Adrian Leopard 26-03-21

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