26 May 2022

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Covid passports – definitely not going away
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Covid passports – definitely not going away

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The public are going for covid-safe environments 2 to 1. Is government listening?

Even we are surprised at the continuing debate over covid passports.

The head of the British Beer and Pub Association gave an interview on TV today and said that the hospitality sector was not in favour of covid passports and that the industry has labelled them as repressive and unworkable.

However this is not what the public apparently think. An Ipsos MORI UK poll reports that 62% of respondents would happily have a covid passport to go into pubs and restaurants. An even greater number, 78% would favour their use in relation to travelling abroad.

So there you have it. Presumably the operators of pubs and restaurants are concerned about the costs and the possibility of excluding prospective customers. The general public would rather they were going into covid-safe environments and will put up with the inconvenience.

It probably would be difficult for government to make it a legal requirement to have a covid passport to enter hospitality premises although it is implemented in Israel. However this need not stop individual business operators making their own decisions in relation to their own premises and let the public decide where they want to go. It would be reasonable for government to accept that there are those who wish to go this route and indeed those that do ought to be allowed to reduce or even eliminate social distancing requirements on their premises.

Wouldn’t that make a difference!

Briton has always been a country where we try and allow choice where possible – not that smokers would think that as smoking is not permitted in hospitality premises so what government must be deterred from doing is anything which may prevent business owners from exercising their right to keep potential disease carriers off their premises.

Today is Good Friday and largely another nice day so people will be out and about no doubt. Make the most of the nice weather because it will all be downhill from Sunday with very cold weather forecast for next week including snow and ice!

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