26 May 2022

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Covid restrictions likely to get tighter
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Covid restrictions likely to get tighter

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Children may be safe in schools but is it right to ask staff to take the risk?

The Prime Minister has let it be known that there is a prospect of Covid-19 restrictions getting tighter. I suspect this news will come as something of a relief to many as the country enters into a new debate – should schools open or remain closed?

This news comes as the latest total of new cases in the UK is 54,990 with more deaths at 454 bringing the total UK recorded deaths to over 75,000. If the rate of new cases continues at this level, it will bring the UK recorded cases to over 3 million in one week.

And during the coming week we shall have the answer as to whether the Christmas free for all added more cases.

There is certainly a growing anxiety about re-opening the schools. This seems increasingly risky as we are told that the new variant seems more active amongst younger people. Whilst they may be less prone to bad symptoms, they can still pass it on. What on earth will happen if all the teachers catch it?

Without a doubt the penny is dropping. The question is will the resulting actions be strong enough to curtail the present spread? The leader of the opposition, Sir Kier Starmer, is calling for a further total lockdown. I think many would agree with that and not just a lockdown, but police and enforce the rules so that they come to mean something.

One of the loopholes is the requirement for self-isolation and quarantining, particularly people coming into the country. It is just not good enough to “trust them” to self isolate. They should be required to book into special quarantine hotels for the requisite number of days at their own expense and to ensure they stick to the rules, they should be tagged. It sounds like quite a big deal but if it is really necessary to travel at this time, then there are consequences.

It seems likely that we shall hear more restrictions being announced within days.

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