11 August 2022

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Covid variants – panic building so why let them in?
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Covid variants – panic building so why let them in?

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The trouble is too many people are too impatient. They want predictions it is impossible to give accurately

It’s all about Covid-19 at the moment. Hospitals bulging to overflowing, patients being examined in corridors and ambulances and doctors tearing their hair out because of insufficient resources. How did we allow this to creep up on us without realising what was about to happen?

However, the panic has been increased considerably by the UK variant, as it is being called now, of Covid-19 which suddenly started to spread everywhere in December. The government realised this and acted quickly to bring in the latest lockdown.

Since then we have heard about not one but two variants from Brazil and stories associated with them include the possibility that the vaccines may not work so there is a great worry about it getting to the UK. So why are there any delays at all in closing the border to travellers from Portugal and South America? Four days of no controls so they can come in.

And it appears that the controls on people coming in at all are very lax; the papers are full of reports from people who say they were not even checked when they arrived at Heathrow. It is issues like this which really annoy people – rules are made and simply not enforced adequately.

Sadly it appears that it is now too late to prevent one at least of these variants coming in – the horse quite simply has bolted. We are being told that the one which has arrived is the less worrying one – frankly any variant is worrying and this sounds like propaganda just to divert blame.

On television we are seeing regular reports now of people who have had this terrible disease and getting information about how it is affecting them after the event. Dreadful! So it is hardly helpful when an MP, Steve Baker, starts to threaten the Prime Minister that if he does not lift the lockdown soon he may be ousted. What is Mr Baker on? Does he not care about the health and well-being of the people, some of whom of course are his own constituents?

Anyone who is not running for cover just at the moment probably needs his head examining.

So many people now are wondering when it is all going to be over. Unfortunately they are not looking at the simple facts. It is not looking like vaccination is going to become compulsory, either in the UK or anywhere else in the world. There are many people who have said they will not take it, for reasons of their own, there will be immigrants, probably illegal, who cannot get it because they are not registered with the NHS, there will be the unlucky ones who do take it but are not favoured with immunity. And we have the recent headline that having had Covid-19 may give people five months immunity – only - but still more than the Oxford vaccine.

It’s very early days; several months have got to pass before we shall see how many are still susceptible. And to recap the figures, today the total world recorded cases reaches 94 million and world deaths have now topped 2 million. This disease is relentless.

Adrian Leopard 15-01-21

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