26 May 2022

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Deaths down to 19. Yes it’s a weekend but …
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Deaths down to 19. Yes it’s a weekend but …

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Time for optimism. Let’s make it work!

As we know the numbers of reported deaths and new cases at weekends in the UK are always on the low side.

We have been watching the death numbers very closely over the past month or so and when they dropped consistently into double figures this was certainly a notable moment. They have now been in double figures for a number of days, just at times! However the record of 19 for Sunday is definitely a move in the right direction. Mondays also report weekend numbers so it is likely that the figure today will be quite low as well; then comes Tuesday – always a bit of a catch up day and the first “normal day” is in fact Wednesday when we shall see the Tuesday deaths. That sets a marker for the week.

New cases are down too but these figures have been going up and down like a rollercoaster so it is too early to say that there is any downwards trend at the moment.

This comes at a point in the road map when the lockdown has at last been released and now we can travel to meet people, meet friends and relatives outside in groups of six or two families. Sports facilities outdoors are re-opening and at last the gradual move back to normality has started.

It is very important that we remember that social distancing rules are still in force and although over half the adult population has now been vaccinated, there are still many who have not been, so now is not really the time to relax too much.

So enjoy the walks in the park with your friends.

Adrian Leopard 29-03-21

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