05 July 2022

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Discovery of new variant spooks everyone – what do we do now?
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Discovery of new variant spooks everyone – what do we do now?

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Time to sit up and take notice as a new variant may arrive to haunt us soon

A new variant appears in South Africa and panic seems to have set in everywhere.

We should not be surprised, should we? We have been warned that a new variant could appear at any time, and now it has. Some would say that it has taken longer to materialise than might have been expected.

But for once in its life, the British government have acted with unusual speed by putting a stop to flights from the south of Africa and re-introducing hotel quarantine “red list” style from Sunday. Is it a case of once bitten twice shy or is this really so very much more serious than we realise that we could be in for real trouble once the variant reaches British shores?

Unfortunately there does seem to have been some element of culture which hoped it was all going away but we know that it is not.

What will the next moves be? Other European countries are also stopping flights from southern Africa and indeed the EU is calling for a total ban, not surprising since the WHO predicts another potential 700,000 deaths in Europe by March. Our health secretary says there is “huge international concern”. This is strong language whichever way you look at it and it is clear that the medical fraternity thinks this is extremely bad news. What would be bad news is if the new variant is able to bypass the vaccine protection. If that happens we are in for a real problem.

The chairperson of the South African Medical Association says the world reaction, including the British flight ban, is all premature but just imagine action is not taken and then it becomes a serious problem – the public will not be kind in their reaction.

This news comes at a time when the tally of new cases has been rising consistently for the past few weeks. The new cases figure reported today in the UK amounts to 50,091 after having reached the almighty milestone of 10 million cases yesterday, This makes the seven day rollup for the UK amount to 309,353. It is not the first time the daily figure has exceeded 50,000 but the rise now appears to be inexorable.

What is to be done? Well at a domestic and personal level, just keep on doing what you should be doing anyway which is your best to keep clear of the disease. Sadly there is too much close contact and not enough mask wearing and the result is that the virus keeps on getting passed on.

From a government point of view, there is a lot to be worrying about. The Johns Hopkins worse case projection currently suggests the UK could suffer 245,000 deaths by the end of February. It stands at 155,163 today so another 100,000 potentially.

The big question is, will the British public start to take more notice of the problem than it is at the moment? It is definitely in their hands. However if you are thinking of going to Cape Town any time soon, I would forget that. You will just have to settle for our nice photo!

Adrian Leopard     26-11-21

Photo Kyle Cut Media

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