19 May 2022

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Divisions over covid gradually increase
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Divisions over covid gradually increase

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This surely is a time for tolerance to allow everyone to feel safe

As has been said many times, the covid pandemic is the most serious crisis since the second world war and normally in times of difficulty people tend to pull together.

That is at least what we have been told many times about what happened in the war – people helped each other. Unfortunately the covid war is not producing the same spirit of co-operation amongst the people and the differences are becoming more stunning by the day.

It’s bad enough people having a go at children outside schools and telling lies about vaccinations; what on earth is their motive behind it? As the government has said, the people do not have to have vaccinations if they choose not to, although that may affect some people’s jobs. But if they do not want them, so be it and they should let other people make up their own minds – so says the Health Secretary.

But it goes far deeper even than this. Look at the furore over the weekend when Scotland started to enforce the covid passes for nightclubs. Hundreds of people had to be turned away and there were ugly incidents. Surely people understand why this rule has been introduced and what do they expect if they turn up without one?

And then you have the growing number of people who say let’s just get on with it whilst others are concerned about the rising numbers, not least the health experts.

The one which seems the least able to understand however is the hospitality industry. Their leaders say that if passes are introduced in England or there are orders to work from home again, their members’ businesses will collapse. Given that the idea is to prevent the further spread of the disease, does it not follow that there will be more people to support their businesses rather than less? Surely they are not suggesting that the general public take silly risks just so pubs can sell more beer?

People say they are fed up with restrictions and will not obey further lockdowns and the like. It is as if the government is responsible for the incidence of covid and can turn it on and off like a tap. How can it be right to maintain that sort of attitude?

We are at that cross roads again where the figures have levelled out a bit but the pundits seem sure that new cases will in fact be going up. Today new cases are down a little to 36567 and deaths are lower at 38 – but then it is a Monday. But if things do get worse it is going to be difficult to see how division does not get worse and people start to suffer fallout, in many cases possibly with their friends and colleagues.

Perhaps if the four nations of the UK and their politicians started to work together, this might show a good example?

This virus has certainly been sent to try us. At the end of the day you must do what you think right to keep yourself and your friends safe.

Adrian Leopard 25-10-21

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