19 May 2022

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Do you wonder why new cases of coronavirus keep going up? There are some clues!
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Do you wonder why new cases of coronavirus keep going up? There are some clues!

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Holidays look like being a big cause of the transmission of new cases

Day after day, week after week we seem to be reporting that new cases of coronavirus in the UK are on the increase, not at a huge rate, but inexorably and consistently.

Indeed, today’s seven day total of new cases amounts to 227391 and represents an increase over the seven days of 13.5% - and this is a weekend report which is usually on the low side.

Should we be surprised? There seems to be a massive clue out there when we are told that Newquay in Cornwall has the highest covid rates in England. And why would it do that? Well it is a highly popular holiday resort and with staycation has become even more so this year. There is a particularly high number of hospitality businesses such as bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants and with social distancing no longer being required, and people wearing their masks less and less, it is probably inevitable that these venues will be hots spots for the transmission of the disease.

Hospitality businesses have also been suffering from this increase because of the high incidence of their staff being pinged. Needless to say, some have it and some do not. What it does mean is that businesses are under pressure to remain open whilst under-staffed.

It looks pretty much like a consequence of people going back out and mixing in the old way without worrying about catching the disease. It will not stop with holiday destinations because people mix together in every day life so since the lockdown has been lifted and all restrictions brushed aside, there is not much in the way to prevent people catching the disease – possibly only vaccinations and, as we know, many people have still not been vaccinated. And with the rate of new cases being so extremely high, the chances of being able to avoid contact with an infected person are going to be low.

However there may be a bit of help on the way with the new test which has now been announced which will enable anyone who has had a positive PCR test to have the new antibody test. The purpose of this test is to establish what the rate of antibody growth is in the body after the disease has struck and it consists of two blood tests 28 days apart and this will enable the researchers to gain new knowledge on the level of protection brought about by actually contracting the disease, something which is not really known at the moment.

So new cases keep on going up. How long will this continue?

So in the meantime, enjoy your crowded beach!

Adrian Leopard 22-08-21

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