19 May 2022

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Does our caring society still exist or has personal selfishness simply taken over?
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Does our caring society still exist or has personal selfishness simply taken over?

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The “I’m all right Jack” approach isn’t going to save granny and grandpa

The government’s grand scheme of attempting to bribe young people to have their covid vaccinations with taxi rides and take away meals is not proving quite the success they would like.

The problem is that young people include a lot of intelligent folk who do take the trouble to find out whether something is good or not. They do their research and reach their own conclusions. That’s fair enough and you cannot criticise them for that.

The problem is simply that there is material out there in the public domain which says that youngsters are largely unaffected by covid and supported by a mass of medical opinion. One doctor thinks that perhaps 90% of them have had it already without knowing it and are therefore already immune.

So teenagers are saying “I am not going to get it or if I do it will not be serious so why take the risk of vaccines?”

They have a point but unfortunately there is more than one point and the one which really matters seems to have got kicked into touch. That is that being vaccinated reduces the chance of transmission of the disease and whilst the teenager may be fortunate enough to feel no ill effects, that may not apply to granny and grandpa who, as we know, can still catch covid even if they have been double vaxxed.

We are informed that studies show that two doses of the jab can reduce asymptomatic transmission by half. So perhaps this is the message which the government has failed to get across adequately. Either that or teenagers have got the point but choose to ignore in favour of their own selfish desires based on an “I’m all right Jack” premise.

Scientific advisers are also worried about future variants which could evade vaccines and set is back by a year or more and of course the more the disease spreads the greater the prospect of new variants developing.

We are in a war – that is certain and surely in defending ourselves we want as many lines of defence as possible and do we not want all of our citizens to adopt a view that we need to keep safe? Wearing a mask is just not enough.

So have we lost our caring society?

Adrian Leopard 15-08-21

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