05 July 2022

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Does our concern for covid-19 and its effects on society amount to an obsession?
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Does our concern for covid-19 and its effects on society amount to an obsession?

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Just because we are sick and tired of it does not mean that we can just ignore it

Our writings on this subject have been interpreted as being obsessive. Is that really the case?

I suppose there may be a fine line between concern and obsession and there is no doubt that the problems of the pandemic are ones we take very seriously.

When we first started writing these news blogs back in March 2020, it was to respond to the specific problems which covid-19 was bringing to our society and in particular some areas of business and commerce. In our case one of the interests of our business is travel and hospitality so we have indeed tended to focus on what the pandemic means for those areas of activity.

But there are clearly two schools of thought and these are emerging and widening more and more as time goes by so perhaps this is a moment to examine each side of the coin and see where it gets us. What we know now is that it is likely that covid will be with us for evermore. Like flu it will constantly mutate and we shall be faced with more situations like the present one where there is clearly world wide anxiety about the Omicron variant. We are not ones who have pointed it out – our own health secretary stated that there is huge international concern.

So we have two basic schools of thought. One is that it is here to stay so just get used it and live your life normally. If you catch it, well you will be very unlucky if you die – only about 1% will do that.

On the other side of the coin there are those who take the view likewise that it is here to stay but that it is well worthwhile trying to avoid catching it, not because you might die but because you could be very ill for an extended period of time and you may be one of the one in four who gets long covid and we know that can cause loads of problems for those who catch it.

After all, just because we are stuck with it for the future doesn’t mean we won’t be vaccinated, does it?

But the view you take seems in many cases to be influenced particularly by whether you are going to be affected financially and this is where you hear business organisations speaking out very loudly saying that taking any forms of protection is not worthwhile and certainly disproportionate to the damage that maintaining protections can have to their businesses.

It goes further than business. It all extends into our daily lives into areas where there is little or no restriction. So to go to a shop now will mean you must wear a mask but if you go to a private meeting, even with fifty or more people, you can basically do what you want or at least the group can make its own rules. However, few groups do and when they do, there seems to be an undue amount of criticism.

This is the bit which is confusing. On television this morning a wise professor, Stephen Reicher, was interviewed over his view of current restrictions. He certainly had a lot to say and only a limited amount of time to say it but what he did say seemed to make eminent good sense. A limited amount of restrictions should be seen as a positive move to retaining our freedoms rather than an imposition to oppress them. So the wearing of masks, use of covid passports and other “restrictions” are more likely to enable the country to remain open and, for example, enjoy Christmas, than the free for all which has been the case since July. Wearing a mask is no doubt regarded by most as uncomfortable and inconvenient but is it really such a big problem? If it assists in reducing transmission of a serious virus then surely it is something we can learn to live with, like we are being told we will have to live with covid.

We live in a free society and everyone is entitled to their own view. But of course we cannot always just have it our own way. What if you believe that it is okay to rape someone, well clearly society does not agree, hence why it is not permitted. So somewhere down the line, our freedoms have to be tempered with an acceptance as to what is and is not reasonable when it affects the rights and lives of others.

Getting the right balance and being tolerant – isn’t that what a regularly organised society is about?

And today another 37,681 new cases have been reported making the total seven day rollup 305,656.

So we think Professor Reicher has got it right. Have modest restrictions to keep the thing in check so that you do not lose even more and, yes, covid is here to stay so use some common sense to try and avoid it – it’s better that way!

Adrian Leopard     28-11-21

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