26 May 2022

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End of an era – Mr Marmite departs for Florida
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End of an era – Mr Marmite departs for Florida

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Whether you are furious or heaving a sigh of relief, things are certainly going to be different for a while

Well he has now gone – whether you like him or hate him, Donald Trump has certainly been an influence on all of our lives and no one could possibly have failed to be aware of his presence in the White House.

Sadly for a man who gained over 70 million votes at the election, he did little to help himself in the final weeks of his presidency, finding a number of his close colleagues resigning and standing back, even some republican senators. Whether he will be seen again in public politics is at present unknown and of course the decision could be made for him if the Senate proceeds with the further impeachment.

Whether going ahead with the impeachment is a good idea is a rather moot point. The fact is that he does have support of circa 50% of the country according to the polls so does it make sense to continue with that action which will certainly have the effect of protracting the present ill-feeling which exists country-wide? Surely it would be better just to allow things to settle down and calm down and Mr Trump may find he has other more interesting matters to follow, not least his extensive business interests. As was said in the French paper Le Monde, the USA was tearing itself apart. Perhaps President Biden should get out his needle and thread and try and sew it back together now?

What is going to be of greater interest in truth is to see now how things will change under the new administration. With some of Trump’s policies being reversed immediately, there will be plenty to observe and no doubt masses of comment of all sorts from all different quarters. In fact there is quite a lot to say for pendulum government because it has a tendency to maintain the status quo rather than allow things to get too radical either one way or the other.

Will the change of administration be good or bad for Britain? Well we never got the super trade deal which Trump promised and may be now we go back to the “back of Obama’s queue”. Time only will tell – I have a feeling not much time though!

It’s always interesting to see how things are going to be under a new president and we shall all be watching this space for the next months and of course I expect planning for the next election in 2024 has already started.

Adrian Leopard 20-01-21

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