19 May 2022

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Escalation of covid through Europe becoming very worrying
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Escalation of covid through Europe becoming very worrying

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Prepare for stricter measures as covid cases rise at an alarming rate

Germany, having pressed the panic button, has recorded huge new cases over the past few days with its seven day rolling figure exceeding 294,000.

New cases having risen to 60,753 two days ago, the new cases recorded today amount to 39,249 and the overall trend over the past seven days is a 38% increase over the previous week.

They are not alone. Weekly rises in Europe over the past seven include Switzerland, 27,802, up 53%; Spain, 29,195, up 52%; Channel Islands, 1,185, up 50%; Netherlands, 118,488, up 48%; Czechia, 87,052; up 46%; Denmark, 24,364,up 41%; Portugal, 11,721, up 41%; Germany, 294,106, up 38%; France 86,918, up 38%. And there are plenty more before we get to UK up 15% at position 62 in the pecking order.

It seems the winter wave is now well and truly upon us and rising. The UK today recorded a substantial 46,807 new cases with a weekly roll up of 277,261, an increase of 14.5%. As always there is a slight disparity between the UK government figures and those of Johns Hopkins.

UK deaths are down to 1,026 but the rate of fall has slowed to 9.8% as has patients admitted to 6,355, a slow in fall to 2.9%. These figures are now poised to reverse direction as the graphs level off.

What we also is stronger controls about where people can go in Europe with all sorts of direct restrictions, like negative tests no longer sufficient, more working from home, passports to go into restaurants and so on. Everywhere is different so it is quite a nightmare. The question which will be on people’s lips soon will be when is our Plan B going to come into operation? It seems inevitable that restrictions will be required in England to enable Christmas to go ahead.

Germany is an interesting case as the government is on the cusp of changing and the new coalition is expected to present covid proposals to Parliament imminently.

On a lighter note however, the annual migrations of crabs is under way in Christmas Island, Australia. This quite extraordinary migration takes place every year after first rainfall of the wet season when the crabs go from forest to coast to spawn. Millions of them make the journey and they get everywhere!

Adrian Leopard     18-11-21

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