19 May 2022

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Excitement as lockdown restrictions are relaxed
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Excitement as lockdown restrictions are relaxed

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Lots of mixed feelings around as some cannot wait to get out and others are happy to sit back and wait and see

It is all very well people saying that we are making steps back to normal, but do they mean “new normal”?

Clearly there is a lot of excitement with the relaxations of restrictions country-wide today but it is by no means a return to normal as we know it. Pictures on the television of bars and restaurants with screens, masks, continuing social distancing etc make us all realise that we are no further forward really than we were last autumn when pubs re-opened. Certainly it is a way of people getting out and being able to socialise and of course it does mean that many people will be getting back to work after months of sitting at home.

But it is not the same and as long as the present measures remain in place it is going to be a somewhat alien world for us all. A maximum of six dining in a restaurant will not affect most of us but until restrictions like that are removed it will always be a reminder to us that we are not yet back to normal.

Of course over the heads of all of us hovers the Sword of Damocles – that caution we have been told to maintain against the threat of transmission of the virus. In truth, the only reason it is safer to come out now is because so many have been vaccinated and therefore the likely incidence of transmission will be greatly reduced. But there is still plenty of coronavirus around and nasty new variants no doubt waiting in the wings to catch the unwary.

So while we have some freedom back to day, let’s not get over-excited yet. We shall be feeling our feet somewhat over the first two or three weeks and what happens then will determine whether we get further lifting of restrictions in June. Given the amount of doom and gloom being expressed, it may not be as good as you hope.

In the meanwhile, enjoy it while you can and let’s hope that as a society we don’t “blow it”!

Adrian Leopard 17-05-21

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