19 May 2022

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France requirements for vaccinations now increased from 30th August
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France requirements for vaccinations now increased from 30th August

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France has adopted a very different approach to the UK; covid passes are an essential document if you want to go places

France tightens its grip on areas of activity in the country where vaccinations are compulsory.

France introduced compulsory production of covid passports to go into certain venues some while ago. In principle these are restaurants, bars, cinemas, concert halls, galleries, festivals, swimming pools, zoos, theme parks and long distance transports, for example TGV trains. If you want to see the full list, go to the French website:

It is in French so speaking French will be an advantage. However, the list is extensive.

President Macron adopted a no-nonsense approach and that is now what is happening. Moreover many organisations, including quite small ones, have adopted the principle of only come if you have been double-vaccinated; if not you will be refused admission.

As from 30th August, the requirement for a covid pass is now extended to all individuals who work in these environments as well and failure to produce one will have consequences which could ultimately be to lose their jobs. By 15th September, workers in the health service, fire departments and the gendarmerie will also have to be fully vaccinated.

Will it prevent the transmission of the disease? This of course remains to be seen. France is being very badly hit with covid but it has to be said that it is running at only half the rate of new cases at the moment compared with the UK where similar measures have not been adopted.

Employees under 18 are currently exempt from this rule until the end of September when they too will have to be vaccinated.

But in France they are still talking about the possibility of further lockdowns but hoping that they can be avoided.

It is a difficult question because those against covid passes in the UK will say that getting on for 80% of the population over 16 have now been doubly vaccinated and the figure is still rising. By contrast the seven day weekly rollover of new cases is now running at 250000 so it is becoming increasingly more difficult to avoid contact with someone who has got it. By the time the schoolchildren are all tested during the coming week, it may be that the rate of new cases will see a sudden surge.

Adrian Leopard 30-08-21

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