26 May 2022

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Freedom Day in England? For some a dramatic release and others just another day
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Freedom Day in England? For some a dramatic release and others just another day

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We enter the new normal with some degree of uncertainty and trepidation. A couple of weeks will no doubt tell us whether it turns out as predicted

We have gone through a lot in the past sixteen months with all the shutdowns, lockdowns, restrictions, mask wearing, social distancing etc. We all know what we have had to put up with.

How has this changed us as individuals and also as a society generally? We can see from the widely diverging comment about today’s lifting of restrictions that as a society there is considerable disagreement as to what we should now be doing.

As we predicted pubs are by no means unanimous in just ditching all the restrictions – many have but there are others who have retained some of the restrictions and others who have retained more, even down to table service only. This will give the pubic a new headache – how will they find out which is which?

And isn’t it just rather wearying to be told to “be cautious” by the government? Wouldn’t it be better to be told how far we can go? The problem with this voluntary code of behaviour is that there is every likelihood those who decide to be cautious are going to get hot under the collar with those who do not and who, in their perception, are actually going to torpedo their own care.

Apart from seeing people gradually get out and about more and possibly busy pubs, we will not see much in the way of outcome of the lifting of restrictions for a week. Surprisingly the news reports that there has been no mass exodus today other of course than the anticipated opening of night clubs at midnight. It is ironical that the larger number of hospitalisations now is the younger people who appear to have less regard for their own safety or that of others.

We will watch the development of this situation with great interest.

Adrian Leopard 19-07-21

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