19 May 2022

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Getting used to covid? Now remember flu! The double whammy you want to avoid
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Getting used to covid? Now remember flu! The double whammy you want to avoid

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It is as important to be vaccinated against flu as it is covid say the government

Covid has brought a considerable number of challenges to society over the past twenty one months. Now here comes another – flu will be back.

Covid and flu have similarities – they can be transmitted together so the good news is that if you take proper precautions to avoid covid, you stand a good chance of reducing your exposure to flu.

However, the government is now rolling out its biggest counter-flu vaccination enterprise ever with all aged 50 and above automatically entitled to a free jab along with many other high risk groups as well and you are being urged to go and get your jab as soon as you can.

You can find out more about the medical benefits of getting the flu jab as well as who is entitled to get it free and where you can get it at the NHS site here:

One good piece of information to take from the site is that there are no live viruses within the flu vaccine so you cannot get flu by being vaccinated.

In a normal year the NHS say that some 11000 people die of flu; because immunity rates are down this year due to the lack of flu in 2020, without the vaccination deaths could increase substantially to a worse case position of 60000. It is also not very nice to catch it.

But what the government is saying very clearly is that having both of these vaccinations is by far and away the safest course. Catching covid and flu together could be very bad indeed as they both have some similar effects so it is as important to get it done as it was to get the covid jab.

Over recent days the trend in covid new cases has started to go up again. The graph showing the number of new cases really does now look like a rollercoaster – up and down. The latest seven day new cases figure is 246298, reversing a slowly reducing trend into now an increasing one again. Will we exceed that quarter of a million figure in the next few days?

What we probably need to start watching a little more closely again is the deaths graph which has fallen quite sharply in recent weeks along with the fall in new cases but as that has gone up again, so might the deaths. At the moment the last seven day figure is 755.

Hospitalisations due to covid have shown a consistent drop now since the beginning of September, currently at 4958 for seven days. However with autumn now on our doorstep, things might change as people spend less time in the fresh air and more time with windows and doors closed, thereby reducing air flow. And for clubs and associations which are getting started up for their indoor meetings after the summer, there is a huge risk of the virus, indeed both viruses, getting transmitted.

Adrian Leopard     08-10-21

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