26 May 2022

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Going to the pub? Can you prove you have been vaccinated?
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Going to the pub? Can you prove you have been vaccinated?

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Perhaps pubs could become “safe havens” when it comes to covid-19 instead of closed premises?

The fact that the Prime Minister is talking about the possibility of needing some form of proof of covid protection is a major step forward but it has already produced negative reaction in some quarters.

There is no doubt that stipulating that people cannot enter into what are essentially public premises could cause all sorts of difficulties but it has been the case since time immemorial that a publican can refuse entry to anyone he chooses without having to give a reason. Of course were he to do so in a case which might be seen by some as racist he may well have to justify his actions but that is a separate issue.

One of the reasons why it is felt that pubs should not refuse entry is because the individual may be at an age where vaccination has not been possible and it would seem unfair to penalise people for something they cannot control.

But the fact remains that people want to be protected and safe and indeed they have a right to ask for that. So what is the licensed trade to do? The Prime Minister hinted that it may simply be left in the hands of individual landlords and surely there is a lot of merit in this approach? If a landlord wishes to limit the people who come to his premises to those who have had their vaccinations or may be have had a covid test in the past week or whatever, then he ought to be able to do so. Could you really force a landlord to receive someone who could be a carrier?

By the same token, there may be those who care rather less and are prepared to take the risk, both landlords and customers. Should they be forced into protection? After all if vaccination is not going to be compulsory then it is difficult to envisage how the government could make a blanket prohibition.

So many organisations now are saying that vaccinations will be a pre-requisite for use of their services, like airlines, that it will be difficult probably to carry on a normal life without having it done. But of course there is sometimes a price to freedom if it means that you could otherwise be a threat to society.

As things stand proof of vaccination will not be required for when licensed premises open up to outdoor service on 12th April but as yet no decision has been made as to how things will be when indoor service re-opens in May. We still await the collective wisdom on that one.

What is also slightly concerning is that whilst deaths continue to drop slowly, the rate of new cases has levelled off, indeed even dipped and gone back up. And it seems to be the young who are now in the line of fire; is this a result of schools re-opening?

Adrian Leopard 25-03-21

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