26 May 2022

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Government change of mind about covid passports happens over breakfast
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Government change of mind about covid passports happens over breakfast

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The workings of the government in England are really hard to understand at times

Wondrous are the workings of government. The health secretary said one thing in an interview with Sky and then changed his mind when appearing on the BBC a little while later!

Just who is the government trying to please? Today it looks like they have cow-towed to the nightclub industry by shelving the idea to introduce covid passports over breakfast. This is certainly quite the most dramatic U turn we have seen and perhaps by dinner time there will be another change!

Whilst the nightclub industry will no doubt be pleased, not everyone will. Indeed there is a still a significant body of opinion which considers that the hospitality industry ought to require covid passports for both customers and staff but with today’s volte face, that is looking extremely unlikely at the moment.

Organisations requiring a covid passport will still be entitled to do so.

The question is is it a sensible policy simply to rely on vaccines as your first and really last line of defence? It would be fine if they were 100% efficient but simply they are not and what is spooking people most is the fact that even double vaccinated individuals can catch the virus and transmit it and indeed can still die of covid. Deaths have happily come right down but there is a school of thought which considers that even one death is one too many.

There is still much talk of booster jabs but this has not yet started to happen. We hear that some people who are double jabbed will not have a booster because they didn’t feel too well after their first jabs. It remains to be seen if the take up is less when the boosters are available.

In the meanwhile, today’s new cases figure stands at 29173, down a little again, giving a seven day total of 252011, up 1.1%.

Deaths are down at 56 giving a seven day tally of 971, up 22.6% and new patients are 1073, seven day total at 6916, up 4.8%.

So with this depressing virus still in strong control, let’s finish with some good news today – the quite amazing triumph of Emma Raducanu in winning the US Open – a real international mix – a young lady born in Canada to a Romanian father and Chinese mother having lived virtually all of her life in Britain. And what a charming young lady she is too! She deserves all of our congratulations.

Adrian Leopard 12-09-21

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