19 May 2022

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Holiday in the Balearics – yes they want you!
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Holiday in the Balearics – yes they want you!

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In the meanwhile illegal immigrants are being given “ask no questions” vaccines in the UK so they can avoid deportation

Last week Cyprus announced that from 1st May they would welcome Brits who had received both of their vaccinations.

Now the Balearics have made it known that they too would like to welcome Brits who have had their vaccinations – indeed they say they would welcome anyone but without the vaccinations you would have to quarantine.

The impassioned representative who announced this on television is concerned to create a European Union vaccination passport which would enable holders to enter the territory without the need for vaccination. He said that to have 27 different passports would be hopeless and that a common document was needed.

There is no doubt that the pressures now for such a document are really beginning to mount – indeed on the one hand we have the experts telling us that the vaccination programme will in time “flush out” all those who have not been vaccinated because they will be the ones catching the virus. And they are expecting there to be many.

But the vaccination programme has highlighted that there are some “no questions” vaccination clinics now being operated in England for the benefit of illegal immigrants. These people are otherwise not intending to get vaccinated because they believe they will be discovered and deported.

The very thought that a government department is operating a free vaccination programme to people not entitled to it and, even worse, who are residing in the country illegally is quite ridiculous. Apparently there are well over a million such individuals. Surely we should be taking advantage of the fact that these people are being flushed out to get them processed in accordance with the law.

The other aspect of this which is galling in the extreme is that these mainly young people are being given their vaccinations before the older people who are, in accordance with the government’s programme, entitled to get it first because they are more vulnerable.

It seems that even the government has little regard for the rule of law now and these are areas of real sensitivity for the people.

Adrian Leopard 12-03-21

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