26 May 2022

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Holidays abroad? Not so easy after all
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Holidays abroad? Not so easy after all

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Today it is an ever-changing world so far as travel is concerned. Nothing is certain

The issue of holidays overseas gets more complicated by the day.

On the one hand we have Spain saying that Brits can go in without restriction and on the other Germany is closing its borders to everyone from the UK except its own people and they will have to undergo fourteen days quarantine. Is the world going mad?

The EU has decided to “open its doors” but at the same time its member countries have the right to make their own decisions. So now you have the strange situation of two countries making decisions which are more or less the opposite of each other. Germany says it is making its decision because of the increase in spread of the Indian variant. So we see that the UK is far from out of the wood and this decision applies equally to people who have had both of their vaccinations.

It looks likely that this sort of stop start situation is going to go on for months and it is going to make decisions about booking holidays more difficult – what is to say that other countries might not decide to follow Germany’s example? These new situations jig around the world without apparent rhyme or reason. Over the past seven day period, ninety countries have shown an increase in the number of cases whereas one hundred and fourteen have shown a reduction, with the world overall showing a reduction of 4% - courtesy Johns Hopkins University.

But some of the increases are substantial and one to watch is Argentina with over 213000 new cases representing an increase of 41%. And Britain cannot rest on its laurels either – new cases are on the rise.

But so far the Prime Minister says we are on course; that could yet change. Still tonight we could all be in Europe – in Rotterdam at the Eurovision Song Contest – no doubt many Brits will be there virtually with no risk to themselves at all!

Adrian Leopard 22-05-21

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