19 May 2022

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Holidays opened up for everyone. This is a real milestone
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Holidays opened up for everyone. This is a real milestone

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Everyone likes a holiday. Maybe it’s time to think about booking one

The announcement from the Transport Secretary that travel restrictions are to be lifted will no doubt be great news for everyone.

The summer of 2021 has been very different so far as holidays and travel are concerned. Foreign travel has been possible but thwarted at virtually every turn by a massive combination of factors including a transport traffic light system, compulsory PCR tests, the requirement to quarantine and the need for self-isolation. Restrictions on travel imposed by other countries have merely made matters worse. The costs of tests alone has been a significant imposition, especially for families.

These costs and the worries about the need to quarantine have meant that many UK residents have indulged in staycation this year and the UK hospitality market has benefited hugely from this change in habit. The news that foreign travel restrictions are to be lifted to such a considerable extent may well serve to reverse this spate of good fortune for British holiday destinations.

But it was always to be; naturally foreign travel could never be put off or made difficult for ever and the government is alive enough to the feelings of the people as well as the bemoaning travel industry to know that if restrictions can be lifted, they need to be. What will be interesting now is to see how the people feel on the subject.

Early expressions of that vote are very clear. Holiday companies have been extremely busy in the past day or so taking new bookings for holidays including into summer 2022. It will not surprise people to learn that holiday companies are still saying more is needed but then we have to remember that their primary interest is in their businesses, not necessarily the health of the nation. But only when the next year plays out will we begin to understand whether the confidence of the British people for going abroad into areas in many cases much worse off so far as covid is concerned has returned.

All this of course is based on a gradual improvement in the situation, more people being vaccinated and there being no humps in the ground on the way. What could completely derail the new arrangements would be the arrival of one of more new variants which manage to bypass the protective barriers of the vaccines.

Booster jabs have now started. Companies like Saga have already stipulated that you must be double jabbed to go on one of their holidays. I wonder if they will revise that in the months to come to say that it will be necessary to be triple jabbed?

The Transport Secretary said that the new arrangements would not be changed before the New Year. That seems like a brave claim; what if that new variant arrives before Christmas? As always we must remain vigilant and not be surprised if circumstances change suddenly. They have before and it would hardly be a surprise if they were to change again.

Without a doubt any traveller going abroad needs a decent travel insurance policy which will cover him for enforced cancellations as a result of new covid restrictions. Take great care because there will be policies will not give such cover.

So where will you go? Probably there will be some polls over forthcoming weeks and we shall discover what the new norm for the British will be, at the least for 2022.

The Transport Secretary said that the restrictions could be lifted as 90% of the population had now been vaccinated. None of this however should be taken to mean that we can lower our own precautions. Care and attention will still be required.

Adrian Leopard     18-09-21

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