19 May 2022

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Hospitality industry gives mixed messages
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Hospitality industry gives mixed messages

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There is a lot of mixed up thinking within the hospitality industry

A few days ago we told you how the hospitality industry reckons it is short of 188000 workers at the moment.

Today we are telling you that 23.7% of the country’s hospitality venues are still shut because they are unviable until social distancing is removed and how this is so important to save jobs. The industry continues to claim that it needs government support to preserve businesses and jobs.

I am not sure that these two statements are entirely compatible. One talks about saving jobs and the other about how there are 188000 jobs for which there are no workers.

Can they both be right?

Another statement which they are making is that 8500 hospitality premises, some 7.4% of the pre-covid total, have closed for good. So those jobs have gone already? It also suggests that only 16.3% of pre-existing businesses are in line for re-opening, at maximum.

It all makes for confusing reading.

However while this discussion continues rather more weighty issues are flexing the mind, like has a third wave started and will the situation put the brakes on the road map come the end of June? The growing number of voices in favour of putting the brakes on is pretty much in line with public opinion where the prevalent view is also that things should be slowed down. The big problem is that whilst vaccinations may slow down hospitalisations and deaths, they are not so effective in preventing the transmissibility of disease between individuals, even those who have been vaccinated.

You are not safe yet and whilst trends around the world are tending towards a reduction in cases and deaths, the position has become sharply reversed in the UK; look at how social distancing was largely ignored over the recent bank holiday week. Watch closely.

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