26 May 2022

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Illegal immigrants – why do these fit people get vaccinated before our own old and sick?
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Illegal immigrants – why do these fit people get vaccinated before our own old and sick?

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There needs to be another way of dealing with the illegal immigration problem

We raised previously the issue surrounding illegal immigrants and the fact that they are being housed in four star hotels while we still have citizens of our own sleeping rough in streets and being fed at soup kitchens.

It is unbelievable that people think it is okay to give illegal immigrants such top posh treatment while we have our own citizens suffering.

We reported some months ago that illegal immigrants were being housed in posh hotels up and down the country. Well the problem has now got even worse because a large number of immigrants are being housed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Heathrow. The Crowne Plaza Group, part of IHG with Holiday Inn and others, is a smart up market group of hotels and they are providing their smart up market posh service to illegal immigrants – and all free of charge.

This is a real insult because from Monday people coming to visit the UK have to quarantine for ten days in a hotel not of their choice. They are going, inter alia, to Ibis Styles, not a terrible hotel but definitely not in the same league as the Crowne Plaza. Moreover they will have to pay £1750 for the privilege whereas the normal nightly charge is £60.

Who is it in the government who is so insensitive as they think it is okay to insult the travelling public by allowing this disparity to exist?

It gets better. The illegal immigrants who in the main are fit young men have all been given vaccinations against Covid-19 while our own population of old and seriously sick have not yet all been vaccinated, let alone the rest of the population. Again this is government actively discriminating against the people of the country who pay the taxes and using their money to provide luxury accommodation and life-saving health care to people who actually do not even have a right to be here.

We believe we came up with the optimum solution before – hire old cruise ships and ferries, moor them in the English Chanel and use them as temporary placement ships to house these people pending the outcome of their applications. It is a scheme which could work very well and even be self-financing – what I believe is known as a “no brainer”.

But as long as illegal immigrants are treated better than our own citizens, all that is going to happen is for bitterness to grow in our own population and divide us even more.

Adrian Leopard 13-02-21

Photo Rainer Bleek

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