26 May 2022

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Is it really safe to go out again? Get your home test kits – an absolute must and they are FREE
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Is it really safe to go out again? Get your home test kits – an absolute must and they are FREE

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There can be no argument against taking a test to see if you are positive!

We asked this question exactly a year ago. Amazingly the answer is probably just same.


Well that might a slight over-dramatisation of the position but the reality was that on 5th September 2020 the world had recorded 26.75 million cases. One year later Johns Hopkins tells us that the figure is now 220.88 million, that is almost ten times the number. Worldwide now 4.57 million people are recorded to have died of covid.

At 292000 new cases a day worldwide, the figure is almost identical to that on the same day last year.

In the UK, new cases are again nudging up to a quarter of a million over the past seven days, today’s figure being 245354. Deaths over the past week in the UK have stood still at 785 and new patients up 3.7% to 6566.

The only thing which stops this disease being totally disastrous is vaccination, and yet there are many who will not have it done. It does seem strange that the scientists have found that on balance there is no benefit to vaccination of 12 to 16 year olds. Surely part of the point is that vaccination reduces transmission of the disease to third parties, like granny and grandpa.

This sounds like a “subtle change in the rules”.

And there is an amazing fact – there are still many many people in the UK who do not realise they can get lateral flow tests from the NHS for free. Go to this link:

In fact a new test has just come out which is easier and less troublesome than the old one and you no longer need to swab the throat which is a ghastly thing to have to do! The new tests are also said to be more accurate and only take about 15 minutes. What is more is that if you want, you can pop into your local chemist where these tests are being stacked up – for you. Just ask – they are free.

Why have home test kits?

The home test kit is surely now one of the best tools in our armoury to help prevent the transmission of covid. Put simply, you will almost certainly find out if you have the disease. If you do, stay at home and self isolate and of course you must report the result of the test.

By doing this you could be saving lives and certainly saving people getting ill. If everyone were to do this once or twice a week, it would be an enormous help. If you are going to an event or a meeting or other gathering, take a test within the two days prior to the event. You will give yourself confidence and bring it to others as well.

This is YOUR chance to help save lives because, no, it is not yet safe to go out again. You take a risk every time you do.

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