05 July 2022

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Is this just the “shot in the arm” we need? First vaccinations at last.
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Is this just the “shot in the arm” we need? First vaccinations at last.

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We need something to be happy about. The first vaccinations are a milestone in the present pandemic.

It would be most remiss of us not to mark the day of the first vaccinations against Covid-19 in the UK with the Pfizer vaccine. Noting all the television interviews, there is no doubt that everyone seems to have a spring in their step today as the first aged pensioners are given their vaccinations across the country.

Even the Health Secretary was seemingly cock-a-hoop – perhaps of all people his burden has been the greatest as the pandemic has moved unceasingly forward while the NHS has battled to resolve issues here and there. Having said all of this, a lot could go wrong yet – with 60 million people to vaccinate, the logistics of achieving this are mind-boggling, especially with a vaccine which has to be kept at minus 70 degrees.

But even if this is great news for the UK, the UK is just one country of many and one healthy country, or even a good handful does not mean a healthy world where life can go back to normal overnight. It won’t be going back to normal overnight in the UK but with visions of countries with nothing like the advanced facilities we have, this particular vaccine will only be of limited use. When the other vaccines come on line with a requirement for something like minus 5 degrees, only then will massive transport exercises be of any real value. There are some very big distances to cover world-wide and air travel is not going to be available all the time.

As this is a momentous day, it is perhaps also appropriate to see where the statistics generally fall. We have published these from time to time with the assistance of the Johns Hopkins University table and to assist you, here again is the link:

This very clever website is full of information, not just the new cases, deaths and the like but with all the links to see projections, sources of data and the rest.

But here are some of the statistics as of now:

Total recorded world cases        68,133,258

Total recorded world deaths       1,554,438

Total UK recorded cases             1,737,960

Total UK recorded deaths               61,434

In terms of other countries, the UK comes seventh in the world for total cases, just ahead of Spain and below France and Italy. Deaths per million of population in the UK number 903 and the UK ranks ninth in the world on this count. So be aware – we are right up in there.

So it is a good time be to be pleased but our pleasure should come with a measure of caution over how long it will be before things get back to any sort of normality. We are without doubt still talking a very significant period and of course we must now keep our fingers crossed that all the work producing vaccines will prove worthwhile.

Adrian Leopard 08-12-20

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