26 May 2022

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Is this the season of denial? We are where we are.
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Is this the season of denial? We are where we are.

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Next Article Christmas is now paling into insignificance against the competing claims to fame of Brexit and a more easily transmissible variety of Covid-19. Christmas is now paling into insignificance against the competing claims to fame of Brexit and a more easily transmissible variety of Covid-19.

Late notification of a new strain of Covid-19 has not helped but we are stuck with the fact whether we like it or not.

It seems to me that people are really beginning to miss the point. The government is accused of deliberately holding back the news on greater Christmas restrictions although for what reason is not clear. Trying to punish us for something? More likely simply because governments do not move fast at the best of times. The sight of crowds of people trying to rush out of London by train yesterday was unbelievable. Where did the people think they were going or were these perhaps the people who were going to move down to the country for the weekend anyway - which they were not permitted to do? They must have had somewhere to stay!

What seems to be beyond doubt is that new cases of coronavirus are on the increase and the south east of the country is where things are at their worst. Or are we supposed to think that this is a lie too? The trouble is that there are so many health professionals working on the coronavirus project that it does not seem likely, if even possible, that the claims of a new strain are false.

What is very clear is that virtually everyone who has been interviewed on television seems to think that, sad though it may be, the right decision has been taken. So Christmas is going to become a shadow of former expectations, and those expectations were no doubt a shadow of the Christmas people would have had in normal circumstances. There is nothing that can be done about that but it is very disturbing to read and hear that some people are going to ignore the rules anyway because “they know better and will be safe”.

Famous last words.

And now also we have other countries banning flights from the UK because of the new strain or have they too been taken in by the “false reports”?

We are certainly in a turmoil at the moment but is that not normal for a war where you are not in control? We are not in control of Covid-19 – that is a certainty and speaking personally that is a place where I would prefer us to be. But we are back to what we have been saying all along, as long as the great divide is constantly perpetuated people are not going to communicate properly and work out ways in order to swing the balance in favour of us, the human beings.

There are stories of large amounts of groceries having already been purchased for Christmas by families not now being able to entertain. This is sad if this is the case but it is to be hoped that things like vegetables will not have been purchased yet – they wouldn’t last that long. In the case of frozen turkeys and the like, they can remain frozen. The problem will arise where people have ordered fresh poultry as the supplier will expect those purchases to be taken up. Again not a problem if you have a freezer. How many people do not have freezers in this day and age? Everyone has even a little freezing compartment in their fridge so if you have to cook your big turkey, make curry with the surplus and put it in your fridge. It will last quite a long time and the rest freeze in packs. As a people we have enough ingenuity to get around the problem. The greater problem will probably lie with restaurants in tiers 3 and 4; moving on their stock may not be so easy.

I am afraid it is a case of sitting it out over Christmas this year but let’s hope we will be rewarded with a lower number of cases in the new year.

Adrian Leopard 20-12-20

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