19 May 2022

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James Bond – whether the character be white, black, male or female, it’s good to know he or she is British!
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James Bond – whether the character be white, black, male or female, it’s good to know he or she is British!

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Better keep out of the way of the snipers, though

In days gone by, perished would have been the thought that James Bond could be other than a red blooded British male!

Of course all this is engendered by the considerable success of the opening of the new film, the last with Daniel Craig which has notched up record Bond opening weekend UK takings of any Bond movie. It is believed that the film had takings of £21 million on its first three night weekend, beating its predecessors.

It will probably come as something of a surprise to realise that there have now been as many as twenty seven James Bond films made and no less than seven actors playing the central role. The first Bond film was Dr No made in 1962 – 59 years ago. In those halcyon days Sean Connery played the archetypal English gentleman but the actor who played the largest number of roles was Roger Moore.

As a child I remember Christmas Day when so often after Christmas lunch the family would all settle down to watch the obligatory James Bond film which would be televised after the Queen’s Christmas message or possibly in the evening – it just wouldn’t have been same and it was certainly national watching. Today there is such a great proliferation of amazing cinema that there is rather more competition for your attention.

Of course changing the gender or ethnicity of the character would involve some interesting tweaking of the basic features of the Bond model – if we had instead a “Jamie Bond”, a lady no less, would she have a series of good looking boy friends to get her through the production? And would perhaps the customary foreign spies, whether Russian, Chinese or other national figures also start to feature women, a sort of evening up of the battle of the sexes?

And would such changes mean that the very British nature of the movie would be fundamentally changed? Actually in today’s cosmopolitan society, probably not. But isn’t that why the people love it?

And a great shot in the arm for the country’s cinema sector.

Well, let the imagination run riot and we shall wait with baited breath to see what comes out in the next Bond movie but in the meanwhile fasten your safety belt and get ready to watch this blockbuster!

Adrian Leopard     04-10-21

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