26 May 2022

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Johns Hopkins offers new data
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Johns Hopkins offers new data

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Easy data calculations to see how coronavirus is trending at home and abroad

There is a lot of scurrying around going on now because of the growing uncertainty as to which way the covid-19 virus is going. Whilst it looks a little more promising from a UK perspective with deaths dropping, new cases have become rather static.

Johns Hopkins University data is now being presented with new details. If you go into the well known site which you can find here

you will see a new button at the top of the table called “Weekly Trends”. Click on weekly percentage case change column. The first 92 countries in the list of countries all show that there was an increase in numbers of new cases in the preceding 7 days. There are then 4 countries with no change and then we go into the countries with a reduction. You have to go down to number 125 in the list to find the UK which shows a 9% reduction in cases on the previous week.

This information is most interesting because you can now see the trend at the click of a button worldwide. At the very bottom of the list is the total for the world – an increase in 12%. That is important!

Deaths worldwide in the last seven day period stand at 85352 and they give the comparison of the previous seven days too at 80041. The UK comes at position 49 in this list with 184 deaths, 57 fewer than in the previous week. The number of new cases is down on the seven day period too by 1791. Remember – the list features 208 countries altogether.

And at the moment Brazil and India top the list of new deaths at 3481 and 2020 respectively over seven days.

This new set of data calculations enables us to get a new perspective of the situation which hitherto has only been available on the TV from time to time and so fast that you do not have enough time to assimilate the information in detail.

So while there is a definite easing of the situation in the UK, the same is not true worldwide and seemingly it is still going to be a very long haul.

And today we are going to indulge in a little reminiscence of our own. 45 years ago today Adrian Leopard & Co took on its first major liquidation, QRS International Shipping and Travel Ltd. This was a company which operated out of Bickenhill, adjacent to Birmingham Airport, and specialised in the transportation of personal furniture and effects of families emigrating to Australia – yes you could still do so easily then! Sadly for many of these families, whilst they reached Australia to view the parrots, their personal effects only got as far as Birmingham and most were not even packed in containers. The unfortunate customers in the main had all pre-paid for their shipments and as a result had to pay again. Imagine the logistical exercise of onward shipping the effects of some 800 families stuck in a warehouse. I wonder how many remember that case!

Birmingham Airport has moved on a smidge since too. What was the THE terminal is now a private jet centre; the main airport now has a glossy and huge new terminal.

Adrian Leopard 21-04-21

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