26 May 2022

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Lateral flow tests much more reliable than previously thought, a new study says
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Lateral flow tests much more reliable than previously thought, a new study says

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This is really good news for people who want to see society remaining safe

The new study which says lateral flow tests are more reliable than previously thought appears to bring very good news!

There have been cases where lateral flow tests indicate a negative response to covid whilst PCR tests prove positive. But this has also been the case the other way around. So while there is still some question about what is going on, it seems that people can have a lot more confidence in the LFT than was previously thought to be the case.

This is really very good news. People are wondering how best to handle the possibility of being infectious but it looks like using the lateral flow test is going to be one of the best tools at their disposal.

Why is this important? Well the real problem facing us at the moment is that the rate of new cases per seven days has now exceeded 300000 in the UK. This is a considerable rate of growth with over 40000 new cases per day so as time goes on the chances of any one of us meeting infectious people grows.  In fact today the daily total is 49156 and the seven day rolling total 309013.

What the new study says is that they reckon that the LFT is more than 80% effective in detecting any level of covid-19 infection and more than 90% effective in detecting those who are really infectious when they take the test.

What is also becoming clearer is that just because you might have covid it does not necessarily follow that you will infect others. Of course it depends on circumstances and surroundings but also on your viral load which will change depending on how infectious you become. But beware, they also say that one third of people can transmit the virus whilst showing no symptoms, i.e. the “asymptomatic”.

So the reason this is good news is because individuals who might be wanting to go and mix with others can now take the lateral flow test at home and, if it comes out negative, be pretty confident that they are not going to be transmitters of the disease, even if they are partly infected.

So the message must be to have your free NHS provided tests at home and use them regularly to ensure that you remain covid clear. It is not a guarantee but it looks like becoming one of the best options open to you to protect yourself and others and THAT is just about what coming to terms with covid is going to be all about.

There is a lengthy article on the BBC news website with subsidiary articles referenced there all about this in much greater detail. To check it out go here:

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