26 May 2022

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Learjet production to cease
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Learjet production to cease

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Another change in the aviation map – this time from a different angle

In that once the word “hoover” was synonymous with vacuum cleaner, to many at one time any business jet was known as a Learjet. Indeed many a young pilot doing his PPL would say that when he got his licence he would train to fly a Learjet!

But after almost 60 years, production of this renowned aircraft is to be discontinued. The Learjet is a jet aircraft which basically seats eight passengers who can travel in luxury. As time goes by though, wealthy  buyers are looking for aircraft with larger cabins which come with showers and beds and which can cross the globe without the need to refuel. These of course are all aircraft which, if you need to ask the price, you cannot afford, a bit like a Rolls Royce!

As we have seen with other aircraft, an industry with ever tightening restrictions means that change will ever be with us and more modern replacements are going to have the edge.

The Learjet has been an important product of the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier and some of its parts have been manufactured in Belfast in Northern Ireland. We shall expect to see Learjets around for some while though as the manufacturers say they will continue to support and maintain them.

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