26 May 2022

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Let’s face it – are covid deaths just “a statistic” to you? They are just numbers
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Let’s face it – are covid deaths just “a statistic” to you? They are just numbers

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Does it matter if your friends and family get covid?

As we know, the vast majority of people who catch covid-19 survive the experience; it may not be nice but the virus usually goes away.

Unfortunately it is not always quite so. As the Johns Hopkins University site shows, in the UK new cases have just today reached 8,007,836. That now exceeds 8 million or over 11.7% of our population – wow!

Of those millions, the official death toll is 137,295, a mere 1.71%. Is it really anything to worry about? What are the chances of you or your family becoming part of the very small percentage, 2007 deaths per million? It is just statistics, isn’t it? Getting the disease is actually not much worse than getting a dose of flue or even just a common cold.

Well trying telling that to the families and friends of those who have died from it – no amount of putting it down to statistics is going to take away the grief and loss they feel for the death of someone they know, in many cases a close family member.

As the time goes by, more and more of our close friends and family are dying. One man I heard yesterday say that Joe Soap had got - what is it called? - covid. He saw him recently in hospital and thought he would not see him on his feet again, he looked so ill. But miraculously he came through it and now can just about get around with the aid of a mobility device.

Is that a life? How long is that going be before he is back to normal, if ever?

Another case – this time someone I knew. I bought a business from him back in the nineties. He was a nice guy and a shrewd businessman. Well, he caught covid a little while ago and went off to hospital. The good news was that he recovered from covid and it went away. The bad news was that he died a few days later of covid related pneumonia. Nasty shades of HIV here.

So the covid is not the killer – it is the other diseases, seemingly usually respiratory, which do the job. I do not regard my friend as “just another statistic” who happened to draw the short straw.

Sadly, the larger part of the population thinks that covid is not really that big a deal any more. They probably in the main don’t know anyone who has had it seriously, let alone died from it, so to them, yes, it is just statistics. And judging by the way people are mixing together, forgetting about social distancing, gradually making less use of masks and the rest of it, their guard is dropping and we are seeing instances of the disease arising in places where previously it would have been thought inconceivable that it would be allowed to get a grip.

So getting covid is not of itself critical but its after effects could be. Something new has emerged in the news today called covid toe. It is a side effect of the disease and manifests itself with nasty chilblain-like lesions on toes and even fingers. Like covid itself, some people would not even notice and certainly feel nothing whereas others get a rash which is extremely sore and itchy with tender blisters and swelling.

We all know about long covid and how some people have suffered terribly, wondering if it will ever go away.

Another individual recently told me that she had had the virus, was now clear but was left with symptoms – no sense of taste amongst them. So even getting over the virus does not stop it making your life miserable.

This then is clearly why prevention is still the best option.

So why continue to take silly risks? Why just think that covid cases are nothing more than statistics? Once you have known someone who has died or even recovered but remains ill, I think you will change your mind about that. Forget the government saying it is all over bar the shouting, it is not!

And our photo of the day is a magnificent mountain view – you should be clear of covid there!

Adrian Leopard     06-10-21

Photo Ciprian Boiciuc

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