26 May 2022

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Levelling up? BBC under fire!
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Levelling up? BBC under fire!

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One day the BBC will be different!

The quirks of today’s establishment are coming under fire but it seems to be a battle they are bringing upon themselves.

The BBC has got to change its attitude, at least so says the new Culture Secretary, Nadine Dorries. She appears to be a lady who is not very happy about an organisation like the BBC just bringing in more of its own people. No doubt about it, the Prime Minister is bringing about some shake ups and this lady from a deprived Liverpool background is going to produce one of them.

Television has changed and is changing fast these days. Time was when there was one channel, BBC, and then there two with ITV and then, bless my soul out came BBC 2. And it went slowly on. But today there are dozens and dozens of channels, large numbers of them free to air while others charge for their services.

Sky of course created its own niche years ago and seemed to have the market quite well buttoned up. But not any more. The next season of your favourite television series could come from any one of a number of newer channels, whether it be well known Netflix or some others you may have never heard of before. Some charge, some give you free subscriptions hidden away with some other product like Amazon and some charge for one series of a programme and not the next. It is all very confusing.

And for Brits, many have grown to dislike the present system where we all have to pay a licence fee to watch television at all; this basically subsidises the BBC and lots of people don’t watch the BBC. They get hot under the colour because they still have to pay for it. They are not happy!

Channel 4 is apparently also under the critical eye of the new culture secretary. She thinks perhaps it should be privatised.

So we could be in for an exciting time but there will always be those who will say that the BBC is the timeless entity that reminds people of quality broadcasting across the world. The question is can that respect be retained whilst at the same time modernising the channel to fit better into our current day society?

Adrian Leopard     05-10-21

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