19 May 2022

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Light at the end of the tunnel, maybe?
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Light at the end of the tunnel, maybe?

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It is good to know that there are real attempts to try and bring normality back into everyday life

The idea that the government is doing a trial event with no social distancing or face masks must be the most exciting post-lockdown event we have seen.

Okay this is an outdoor concert so the fresh air will be there to disperse contaminated breath but it is clearly a start in experimentation to “see how we get on”.

The fundamental behind the experiment is that everyone must take a lateral flow test before the event under controlled conditions. Clearly if participants test negative immediately before the event there is an extremely good chance that they will be negative and certainly not be in a position to transmit the disease.

So if this event proves successful, it could provide a template for events generally and presumably the next test would be to try the same or similar with an indoor event – after all sooner or later that is what we shall have to contend with. Without a doubt we shall only be satisfied when we can do away with social distancing and face masks.

How might this unfold for smaller organisations, like fraternal societies and dining clubs? It is of course just what the doctor would order – freedom to get back to running their affairs as if nothing had happened. What bliss!

The question is will individuals attending a small event of, say, thirty odd people be bothered to take their own tests? Taking your test is not really difficult; once you have done the first one they come fairly naturally and will not really prove an inhibition and since the government is going to provide two tests a week to everyone, there ought to be plenty of scope to keep yourself clear of disease.

So is this light at the end of the tunnel? We hope so but the use of a covid passport is still likely to be more effective and perhaps this could be used as an alternative so that there is a double system in check – passports for the vaccinated and a compulsory test for the remainder – surely they will not claim that that would be an infringement of human rights and freedoms – or would they?

Adrian Leopard 18-04-21

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