05 July 2022

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Minister of Hospitality now a twinkle in Daddy’s eye at last!
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Minister of Hospitality now a twinkle in Daddy’s eye at last!

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Hospitality represents a major part of the UK economy and employs a considerable number of people

There has been a general call for a Minister of Hospitality for a number of months, encouraged particularly by the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has caused enormous damage to the hospitality sector and is set to wreak yet further havoc before it is all over.

Well the matter was launched by way of a request to Parliament to debate the subject, one which required 100000 voting for it in order to be debated. In the event in excess of 200000 have registered their votes and true to its word Parliament has now debated the subject on 11th January.

There was cross party support for the appointment of a Minister of Hospitality. The house recognised the importance of the sector to the economy and how important it is as regards employment in the country.

At the moment the hospitality sector is shared between two ministries, Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. But calls were made in the debate that a more focused representation was required in government.

The point was also made that with the current inordinate difficulties which are impacting on the sector, great support is going to be required to prevent many businesses from toppling. How long can a business remain closed and survive?

Generally supportive noises emanated from the government and the motion to appoint a Minister of Hospitality was passed unanimously. The result is not binding on the government but hopefully this will be a first step in the general realisation of the importance of the sector and with luck future implementation of the idea.

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