25 January 2022

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More countries removed from travel corridor list
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More countries removed from travel corridor list

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Coronavirus is definitely on the increase now generally

It will not have escaped general notice that three more countries have now been removed from the travel corridor list, namely Czech Republic, Jamaica and Switzerland whilst Cuba has now been added, all with effect from 4 am this morning.

Switzerland was already on the Scottish list so its inclusion now will probably come as no surprise. However, it may be felt that none of these three territories are obvious candidates when you look at the Johns Hopkins University table. The trouble is that the government is using permutations of the figures which are not published so they are able to make distinctions which the public cannot.

Of our close neighbours, things are getting really quite serious in France with numbers on the increase. France has divided itself into zones and there are now 21 departments in the red zone with a further 50 in a vulnerable situation with 15 of those on high alert. Yesterday’s figure for new cases at 7379 is the highest daily figure now for a considerable time and this is seen as very worrying. New clusters are being identified all the time – a cluster is an outbreak of three or more cases.

One of these clusters is at the naturist village of Cap D’Agde in southern France where 150 guests have tested positive. Perhaps the message is that you need to be clothed with more than a face mask on to protect you. 17 establishments in the village have been closed down, everyone has been advised to get tested and anyone intending to go there has been told to change their plans. The outbreak has been blamed on lack of social-distancing.

Notwithstanding the increase in cases President Macron has ruled out another lockdown even though the government acknowledges that new cases are growing exponentially. This seems to be what countries generally are saying but perhaps there will come a point is we cannot contain this virus where another lockdown may be the only remaining option. France does appear to have lost control.

One thing is certain, France will not be getting added back to the UK travel corridor list any time soon and anyone hoping to visit their French cottage in the near future probably should decide to put that one on the back burner for the moment. This is definitely not what was hoped for for the August bank holiday weekend.

However, it is clear that today the world total number of cases will pass 25 million and reach about 850000 deaths.

Adrian Leopard 29-08-20

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