19 May 2022

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New cases dropping? Is it all beginning to end? Are buffet meals really safe?
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New cases dropping? Is it all beginning to end? Are buffet meals really safe?

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Let’s hope everyone’s relief is not a flash in the pan

The past week has seen a consistent drop in new cases in the UK, indeed a 15% drop over the previous seven days.

Unfortunately the rate of deaths has not yet followed and showed a 59% increase but as we know the deaths tally tends to lag somewhat behind the new cases tally.

Without a doubt this is welcome news but the big question is will it be maintained? It is just a week now since all restrictions were lifted and real mixing started again so perhaps over the next seven days the trend will be reversed but either way it is likely to reflect what the next month or so are going to look like.

One of covid-19’s best allies is going to be his friend “complacency”. Dropping our guard on every corner is not going to help get us out of the pandemic; indeed the opposite is likely to prove to be the case.

Where there is going to be quite some trouble is with private and small organisations which are going to assume all is now rosy in the garden. One such organisation has just published its latest schedule of precautions in relation to the premises they manage for its various groups of members. They still advocate not too many people getting together in enclosed spaces, use of masks and self-distancing recommended but not enforced.

But the most worrying aspect of their new precautions is in relation to their dining practices. They say that the previous practice of self-service should continue. This is quite extraordinary because when the whole business of spread of virus started, government said at the very beginning that self-service buffets should be abandoned as they were of the highest risk. As we have seen now for some months, table service in restaurants has been mandatory until the restrictions were lifted last week. Just because restrictions are lifted, it does not mean that hitherto unsafe practices become safe overnight.

We want to remind you just how serious the prospect of transmission of disease is in relation to self-service food. Here is a link to a YouTube video which was released in the early days and it demonstrates by means of an invisible fluorescent paint how within no time at all a disease can be spread:

It looks horrendously convincing and will take just three minutes of your time. Groups of people dining together are surely the highest risk area in our society – you cannot wear a mask even if you want to and who wants to be sitting two metres from his immediate neighbour at dinner?

The precautions skirt neatly around the question of vaccinations by saying it is a matter solely for any group in question. Is that truly making your attendance safe?

But there may be something else you can do to enhance your own safety and that is to look at taking vitamin D3 supplement on a daily basis. Here is a rather longer video, takes just an hour, but it is very interesting and most comprehensive and tells you about extensive tests that have been taking place which indicate that a vitamin D3 deficiency could be leading to worse cases of covid-19.

One of the interesting facets about vitamin D is that normally it is generated from the ultra-violet light from the sun. The video tells us that anyone living above the 35th parallel simply does not get enough sunshine per day, especially in the winter, to provide the body’s required intake of vitamin D. As we know the southern most part of England just touches 50 degrees north so Britain is well above the appropriate point.

Take a look at the video; afterwards, if you are not already doing so, I think you will feel taking supplemental vitamin D daily is a pretty good idea, and not just for covid-19.

Adrian Leopard 26-07-21

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