19 May 2022

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New weekly cases goes down – at last
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New weekly cases goes down – at last

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Is it light at the end of the tunnel? It could be a start.

The statistics continue to play with our minds but today the seven day rolling total of new cases has dropped – by just 517!

Is this the start of either the numbers dropping or have we actually reached that point of equilibrium which, if it comes, is what we can apparently expect for ever hereafter?

It’s all right on the cusp at the moment and today being a Monday it is traditionally a lower numbers day so we need to wait until tomorrow to be sure that a trend may be starting. But it is encouraging nevertheless.

Deaths over the past seven days have dropped just 4 over the previous seven days but it is still 739 people who have sadly passed away. New patients, however, have not dropped. That statistic shows an increase of 284 or 4.6%.

We must also bear in mind that there may be a shock to the system when the school children tests start rolling in as there may be more disease out there than we know.

The interactive maps too are showing a change of colour now – quite a lot of that purple has gone and some green areas are appearing as well which is encouraging.

However at the same time, Scotland has announced that covid passports will be required in certain settings and the number of new cases up there continues to be high.

Anyway the government website as always is most informative; go and take a look for yourself and see the different features. It is here:

Our photo today shows a foretaste of those lovely autumn colours which start to manifest themselves in September.

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Photo Nadja Zehe

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