26 May 2022

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No Vaccination certificates? This is incredibly short-sighted and naïve in the extreme!
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No Vaccination certificates? This is incredibly short-sighted and naïve in the extreme!

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Proving you have had the vaccination is bound to become essential if you want full access to services in due course.

As the excitement of getting first vaccinations done romps on, thoughts are already being turned to the future. As we surmised yesterday, comments are already being made about the less well-off countries which may not get the vaccines because the wealthy countries decide to hoard them. Whether hoarding does become an issue or not, the fact of millions of people around the world potentially not being vaccinated for whatever reason is a real issue and one which is likely to pose a threat to the wishes of the countries which have the disease under control who would like to relax restrictions.

However, the government’s present position is that they do not propose to issue any form of vaccination certificate and the piece of paper being handed out to everyone at the moment is a standard NHS next appointment card. It has no real significance at all!

This is going to bite the government in the backside because the need for people to be vaccinated is going to be huge. Having thought about it, here is a list of categories of people who may well not be getting vaccinated or whose vaccinations will be of no effect:

Those whom the NHS regard as too sick for one reason or another to have the vaccine or who might have allergic reactions.

The anti-vaxxers who will not have it for their own personal reasons, conspiracy theory or other.

The 5% or 10% or whatever it transpires to be for whom the vaccine simply does not work and for whom, therefore, there is no immunity.

Those who do not “get around” to going for their second injection.

Visitors from other countries who have not been vaccinated for whatever reason.

Illegal immigrants.

Other “residents” of the UK who are simply not in the system and have no NHS registration.

These are just seven categories which have come to mind; there could easily be more. The number of people covered by these non-protected categories could be vast and it is almost certain that business people in the UK will want to protect their own businesses and their customers, most particularly our friends in the hospitality trade, hotels, pubs and restaurants, where intermingling of people in close proximity is the way it works. Airlines too are likely to be picky; one already is!

Imagine in your restaurant, with the restrictions relaxed, you can move your tables back to where they were before all of this started. You will be able to get your customers to sit on bar stools at the bar and mix generally. All of this means these businesses can start up again and get themselves back on their feet optimising their entire premises to receive their customers. These restrictions have been devastating to the industry so removal of them will be a priority for them.

But if the disease continues to spread, as is quite likely with all of these unprotected people, the restrictions will have to continue, and for who knows how long? Traders will want to maintain safe havens and the chances are they will want to restrict access to their premises to those who have been vaccinated; this is going to provide the greatest amount of protection possible. And of course customers will want to go to places which are prepared to offer them that level of protection.

Serious health and safety at work issues are going to arise with all of this.

How are establishments to know who is safe and who is not? The only way to do that is to operate a proper system of vaccination certificates; the best way of doing that is to provide a certificate on a laminated card with photograph and proper vaccination details, preferably with an official stamp. What is more is that there will be even greater demand for such ID from foreigners, visitors to the country on holiday and who is to say that other countries may not require such certificates even if the UK does not?

Getting control of the virus does not mean just vaccinating those who are prepared to get it; there will still be a lot of Covid-19 around and proper sanitary measures to contain it are going to go on for a very long while. How long will no doubt depend on how well we can contain it and by making hospitality businesses low risk areas in relation to the disease will be a very good start. What is more is that when they cannot get access to their favourite restaurants or perhaps airlines, anti-vaxxers may decide to reconsider their position.

Of course even better than a vaccination certificate would be an immunity certificate which means being tested. But if a rabies blood test is okay for your pets, then a Covid-19 blood test ought to be sufficient for humans.

It is fair to say that society will always have social distancing and improved public sanitation in its mind in the future. No one can say if Covid-19 will not mutate or indeed there may come a Covid-20 and off we all go again. It would be naïve in the extreme to think that once the larger part of the population have been vaccinated that it will all just go away. Think again British government!

Adrian Leopard 09-12-20

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