26 May 2022

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Pandemic is really getting out of control
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Pandemic is really getting out of control

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Not the right time to lower your guard when it comes to covid-19 safety

If you are in the UK it is really easy to begin to think that it is all over, with lockdown restrictions being lifted, life slowly returning to some semblance of normality and everyone crowing about how well the vaccination programme is going.

Well take a look at India. The images we are seeing on TV show a situation utterly out of control with panic reigning everywhere. They now have new cases running at 350000 a day and that over the past seven days with the new trending software amounts to a stunning 1,426,996 cases, an increase on the previous seven days of 52%. Deaths over the past seven days have amounted to 15142, an increase of 93% on the previous week.

Only Brazil has exceeded the seven day deaths count at 17720 but the trend there is now on the decline. When India will start to decline is by no means certain but the pictures of people being turned away from hospitals, buying oxygen on the black market and so forth are nothing short of distressing in the extreme.

So it is not a time to get too blasé about the easing situation in Britain; good to know that 50% of all adults have now been vaccinated and the numbers of people having had their second dose looks good too but that is only 50% and there is no guarantee that mutant variations are not going to creep in and sail past the vaccine protection people are getting. So even for vaccinated people there really is every reason to take as much care as possible and do their best to avoid possible situations of transmission of the disease.

Unfortunately as is always the case, social distancing and mask wearing are not always properly maintained and it only takes one small lapse to find that you have suddenly caught it, and all that care and attention which you have given to steering clear is wasted – remember Captain Tom? Was it worth a free holiday?

And talking of holidays, there are surely going to be very limited places where it will be considered safe to go for a holiday abroad this year. We should take advantage of our good fortune that the virus is receding in this country and go for a staycation. There are some lovely parts of the UK and let’s face it, the hospitality industry needs the business so why not help them to help you and let everyone get something out of it. Why not try one of those lovely little Welsh railways?

Adrian Leopard 25-04-21

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