19 May 2022

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Planning to get married? It must be very frustrating at the moment. Here’s how!
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Planning to get married? It must be very frustrating at the moment. Here’s how!

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People want to get back to doing normal things in a normal way. Vaccination is clearly the most obvious and efficacious route

Without a doubt covid-19 has blitzed people’s plans to get married on anything other than a minute scale for a considerable time now.

Not everyone wants a big ceremony with loads of guests, wine flowing and a super duper meal afterwards – but most do! And it is not the same as with a funeral. The religious “bit”, if we can rather unceremoniously call it that, namely the cremation or committal can be held privately and frequently is anyway – often just close family. Then a memorial or thanksgiving service is held later, possibly months later. It does not matter because that service is all about memories.

Weddings are different. The idea of having a big celebration for a wedding after the event is virtually unknown. The idea is that everyone comes together to celebrate the joining in matrimony of the happy couple who then, traditionally at any rate, would leave to go off and consummate the marriage. Of course today it doesn’t work like that very often as pre-marriage chastity is rather rare and furthermore a new dimension has been added, namely same sex marriages and civil ceremonies so the “sex” aspect of marriage has, rightly or wrongly, rather fallen into a sort of disrepair.

So covid-19 has caused masses of weddings to be deferred by significant periods. That has had its own knock-on effect with the wedding ceremonies industry – yes we were going to get there sooner or later. Large numbers of businesses specialising in weddings have had to simply sit it out. Unfortunately many have gone bust because without income they were unable to meet overheads – that is the trouble with business – overheads have a habit of rolling on even when income does not.

A number of these businesses along with others in the tourism and hospitality industries have written to the Prime Minister threatening legal action over the further delay of Freedom Day. The letter points out that the restrictions which businesses have had to suffer have been illogical and arbitrary and demonstrate a lack of understanding of how these businesses actually work. The authors of the letter have advised the Prime Minister that they will take legal action if the government deviates from the present plan to re-open fully on 19th July.

Quite how such legal proceedings would be formulated is unknown. Whether you can take a government to court for negligence or not in these circumstances would be an interesting matter to test but would it get anywhere?

If you are waiting to have your wedding and a big reception or a memorial of thanksgiving service for a departed loved one and hope that 19th July will truly be Freedom Day, hope on – you never know quite how this current chaotic situation is going to move forward but it may be taking a big risk to actually fix anything up just at the moment until you know for certain that it can take place.

Is this not exactly where we should be looking now to take advantage of people being double vaccinated as being the safest it is going to get? The States of Alderney, the governing body of Alderney in the Channel Islands, has now jumped on to the bandwagon to provide double-vaxxers with their reward for getting it done. At the moment quarantine is required to go to the islands. With effect from 1st July, anyone who can prove they have been doubled-vaccinated and a minimum of 14 days have passed since their second dose will be permitted to enter the island without quarantine. This relief will apply to Blue zone countries in the common travel area, namely the UK, Ireland, the Isle of Man and Jersey. Alderney is of course a part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey so inter-island travel is permitted.

So if people can travel in this way, what about weddings and funerals all returning to normal provided that everyone present has been double-vaccinated, including of catering staff? This is surely the reward we now seek for following government advice and getting vaccinated?

Society wants to return to normal so it is up to the government to determine how this can be achieved if at all possible and keep people safe.

Adrian Leopard 19-06-21

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