26 May 2022

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Plant a tree year! Something we can all share in.
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Plant a tree year! Something we can all share in.

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Plant Britain. A great new initiative to make our country nicer and help with the carbon emissions problem.

There does seem to be a real impetus growing in terms of wanting to do something about our climate change problems. It’s taken its time, mind you, but there are now various ideas which are being floated which people can adopt to help.

One of the latest is the Plant a Tree campaign or what the BBC is calling Plant Britain. This is actually a very exciting initiative and one which ought to appeal to just about everybody; certainly there will be very few who are not able to take even the smallest step forward.

The initiative has been launched by Countryfile, the BBC weekly current affairs programme about the outdoors, activities and nature and is apparently an extremely popular programme indeed.

The idea is that everyone tries to plant what they can; it could be a tree, a bush, flowers, vegetables and even includes window boxes and plant pots. Everyone who has a window sill has room for a pot or small box and these can be really attractive. People with small gardens and little land available for planting can use window boxes and pots and plant also sorts of attractive plants. Planting up pots and boxes is surprisingly easy and takes very little time but can bring great pleasure.

What has become clear is that carbon is retained in fertile soil, not soil which has been endlessly ploughed and where virtually all organic material has been lost. You can easily tell whether soil is fertile or not – dig up a little and see if you have worms and other creatures in the soil. If you have – then good news! This particular problem was recently highlighted by a film which showed that US wheatlands which were relentlessly ploughed every year were becoming less and less fertile and indeed this is what causes deserts to expand and leads to further drought. The clue is in the term “rain forest” – all the growth of trees and other vegetation harbours organic material which in turn holds moisture which can then evaporate into the air and form cloud.

The BBC have a very attractive webpage all about this and you can see it here:

and it is fun too because it enables you to take part and record your planting, whether a single flower, or a forest, in their register. This in turn will enable the operators to produce a map showing how planting is going and what we are achieving.

There are so many areas of land in the UK which could be planted – imagine the roundabouts at motorway intersections? Large chunks of land which cannot be used for anything else as they are inaccessible and in general they are covered in weeds! Roadside verges are another prime candidate and there will be suitable plants for every type of environment.

Compared with the rest of Europe, the UK has far less land covered with trees so it is germaine for the country to take steps to plant and it is anticipated that millions of trees will be planted over coming years. To what extent this will assist our carbon emissions problem is uncertain but what is certain is that planting more vegetation is an idea which can make our island a yet more green and pleasant land. Just think what a beautiful garden you could have.

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